New Vendor Process

New Vendor Process

Thank you for contacting GSR about Vendors you'd like to bring on-board. GSR's mission statement is “find a way to serve the many, for service to many leads to greatness.”  It’s the mission that drives us to help as many small businesses in getting the word out about their awesome products and services.

Most small businesses don’t have the resources or marketing experience to take their products to a very large audience.  With our unique incentivized go to market strategy, we can bring millions of customers to vendors on our e-commerce platforms and vendor expos. Supporting small business keeps the entrepreneurial dreams alive.

Please note that we are NOT looking for large distributors at this time.


  1. Download the Vendor Intake Form (below)
  2. Return to
  3. Corporate will review their products and communicate directly with the vendor.
  4. Once the vendor is approved, they will receive an email with their username and password along with a video to show them how to utilize incentibuys.


  1. Do NOT have the vendor set up their account in incentibuys.
  2. Approval takes approximately 7-10 days due to the high volume of requests. 
Thank you,
GSR Corporate
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