1.Q: Can I earn commission just by recruiting others?             
A: Absolutely Not. You will not get paid without making product sales. There is a minimum product sales requirement for each part of the comp plan. Please refer to your Back office for commission requirement details. 

2.Q: How long must I wait before I can receive my commission?            
A: Commission payments are typically processed twice a month: the first week of each month and the week after the 16th of each month.
Commissions for activity posted in your back office dated the 1st to the 15th of each month should be paid out the first week of the next month.  Commissions for activity posted in your back office from the 16th to the end of month should be paid out the week of the 16th of the  the following month. 

3.Q: How often do I see my orders and commissions in my back office after I sell or buy a product on my own shopping site?            
A: It depends from which site you are shopping.   Incentibuys.com orders should show up in your back office within an hour 
Super Affiliate orders could take up to 3 months for an order to show up in your back office.  All commission and payouts are based on the date when an order shows up in your back office, not based on the date an order is placed.

         4.Q: What if I forget to pay my monthly management fee?             
A: Your monthly fee will NOT be automatically charged to your credit card. The first monthly fee is waived.  After that you will need to pay your monthly fees from your back office.  You will be able to pay for one month at a time, or several months in advance. If the payment does not go through, you will receive an email warning. After 72 hours unpaid, you will receive a 2nd email warning. After 10 days unpaid, you will receive a final warning, and your account will be frozen completely except to pay the fee.  If unpaid after 90 days, your account will be terminated and the existing downline will be compressed up.


         5.Q Can I rejoin GSR after I quit a few months prior?            
A: Yes, but you need to write to Support@GSR.email and they will tell you the procedures. You will have to pay a reapplication fee to re-instate your position.  


         6.Q: Can any member refer product suppliers to the company and get paid?            
A:  Yes, vendor applications can be found at www.mygsr.com and should be submitted to VendorRelations@gsr.email after completed by the prospective vendor. 


     7.Q: What is the return policy for the products I bought from GSR.com?             
A:     Most Return Policies are set up by the individual suppliers, not GSR.  All Premier Brand Partner contact information should be available on the vendor's Incentibuys store details.


     8.Q: Can I transfer my GSR store to others?            
A: Yes, but you need to send a written request to compliance@GSR.email. Please refer to MyGSR Terms of Service for additional information and applicable fees.


     9.Q: How many GSR business accounts may I open?            
A: Only one business account is allowed per individual or entity. Only two business accounts are allowed per household/address. Only up to two GSR businesses may use the same credit card for payment of any Marketing Kits or Monthly fees.  


     10.Q: Do I need to pay income taxes if I reside in the USA?            
A: If you are a Brand Ambassador, Yes, you will need to pay income taxes on the money you earn from GSR based on your local state and federal tax laws.  1099 forms will be issued to all Brand Ambassadors who earned $600 or more in a calendar year.  VIP Customers receiving cash back bonus rewards do NOT need to pay income taxes on their cash back bonuses.   However, check with your local tax agencies for specific details. 


     11.Q: Do I need to provide my government issued ID (such as SSN# or FID#) to GSR?            
A: Yes, if you want to withdraw any commissions from GSR, we must have a copy of your legal identification in the GSR system before commissions can be withdrawn.   Brand Ambassadors will not have full access to their back office until they submit their legal identification. This information should be uploaded in the member's back office Account Settings.


     12.Q: Can I build my own website to promote my GSR business?             
A: Yes, but you MUST FIRST submit a written request with website, description of content, and URL etc. to compliance@GSR.email for approval.        

     13.Q: Can I switch teams if I don’t like my sponsor?            
A: No, you cannot.  You must terminate your current GSR's business, be totally inactive in GSR for 6 months, and then you may rejoin as a new store owner under a new sponsor.  

     14.Q: Does a supplier have to pay an initial fee to become one of the suppliers in any of the GSR shopping sites?            
A: Not at this time.  We reserve the right to change this policy and/or collect fees in the future. 

     15.Q: Where should I refer potential suppliers?            
A: The product supplier / vendor should go to www.MyGSR.com GSR Vendor Application link, printout and fill in the form, and return it to: VendorRelations@GSR.email    

        16. Q: What is the company’s advertising policy?            
A: GSR must approve any advertising before a store owner may advertise in any printed material, magazine, flyer, social media site, or website about GSR. Please send your advertising information request to Compliance@GSR.email or Legal@GSR.email.

      17.Q: Do Free Memberships get a GSR shopping site?            

A: Yes, but they do not receive a Marketing Kit, and we must have their verified legal government issued identification on file before cash back bonuses are released.   

18. Q:  What if I forget my Password, User # or User Name?
  A:    Go to MyGSR.net.  In the top right corner click Member Login.  At the bottom of the white window, click "Forgot Your Password?"  Fill in the email address you used when signing up with GSR, and you will receive an email message advising you of your User ID, User Name, and a link to change your Password.

19. Q. The system Locked me out.  What is going on?
   A.    If too many incorrect attempts are made to login to your back office, the system will automatically lock your account to keep it safe from hackers. The lock lasts 30 minutes, and then will automatically unlock. 


20.  Q.  My back office will not let me enter or update my PayOut information. 
  A.   In order to keep your banking information safe, only one attempt is allowed to enter your Payout Information.
If it needs to be changed or updated, submit a Support Ticket with a copy of a voided check from the account in which the payout should be made, and your banking information will be updated.  For members outside the USA, you need to provide GSR with your email address associated with your Paypal account, and we will update your information. 

21.  Q.  I found a product in Incentibuys.com that is overpriced based on what I buy at the local store.  Is this correct?
  A.  We have set up ProductSupport@gsr.email to address these issues. Send an email to Product Support to verify the price. Sometimes the listing is for multiple items or a case price. We will correct the information, or if necessary, remove the product. 

22.  Q.  When will I see my order credit from the Travel Site?
   A.   The travel site does not process payment to  GSR until the month after  tickets or reservations have been used or completed.   There is always the possibility that a reservation or ticket may be cancelled, so to protect themselves, the travel site waits to pay GSR.   Once GSR receives the cash back bonus from the travel site, the order credit will be posted, and then cash back bonuses will be distributed to our members.  Due to almost no profit to the travel site for Car Rentals and Air Travel, there are no cash back bonuses for these items. 

23.   Q. I ordered products from the Incentibuys.com vendor on my Incentibuys website, but I never received it.  What do I do?
    A.  Submit a Support Ticket from your back office or from MyGSR.com with the order #, date, product name, price, and the order will be investigated with the vendor / shipper for the status. 

24.   Q  I ordered products from a Premier Brand Partner on my Incentibuys website, but never received it.  What do I do?
    A.  Premier Brand Partners handle their own customer service.  Their support contact information should be listed on their Incentibuys.com store.   If not, you should submit a Support Ticket with the Vendor name, order #, date, product name, price, and a member of the support team will provide you the contact information.